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What a wonderful experience! Dr. Marchetti and Kyle were fantastic, they came to my home because of multiple pets. Every question was answered and they treated my pets as if they were their own. I could not say enough good things. They were even able to find a hiding cat that did not want his shots! If you have multiple pets, this is the way to go. You can look but you won't find a more caring and compassionate vet. My pets loved him!

Mary van Boven

Thank you for the most loving and caring staff as we had to have our Missy put down. I have been to 4 different vets in the area I. The last 30 years and when I was told about Coventry animal hospital I will never go any place else . kudos to each and everyone of you! We are now waiting to pick up a new shi tzu in July and we will be bringing him there for there's no other office or staff or vet that can top you. Thanks and God bless each and everyone of you. And carol a special thanks to you for all your help. We will be seeing you all soon for new adventures with our new puppy. Much love, Craig and belinda

Craig and Belinda schell

I used to patronize the over priced, overly expensive facilities for pets. But more importantly CAH tailored their surgery services to my custom concerns/needs for my 13yr old companion.

My concerns were to be with him thru-out the pre-op, surgery, & recovery as there was risk with his age for this elective surgery which was to extend his life.
Also he is much calmer with me vs. handing him off to a stranger(vet tech.).

2 other overly ridged 'high-end professional' facilities did no even entertain my opinion that the owner's presence & assisting(holding) during procedures removes unneeded anxiety any pack-animal naturally experiences.
They were professionally-rude as if they knew better and I knew and certainly could contribute nothing to the situation. I proudly walked out of both places.

With a handful of dogs at home I tried the house call service CAH offers. Dr. Marchetti(CAH's house-call Vet.) was very in-tune with the owner's connection to their pets. He validated my concerns, and successfully promoted my request to his colleagues to be by my dog's side from start to finish.

Dr. Levin did the surgery. He skills and demeanor in the OR were flawless and well-practiced. His pre-op conversation with me was excellent and interactive. His 2 assistants were as equally skilled and practiced during pre-op, in the OR, and post-op. The equipment and monitors were state-of-the-art digital.

I was given a vacant exam room to be with my dog til he woke-up(I knew sometimes older dog's do not, and I wanted to be there to promote his return & witness the possibility he would not vs. being told after the fact that . . . he did-not-come-around.). The tech's and Dr. checked on his progress repeatedly.

I cannot express strongly enough that the CAH staff has never lost sight of 'why' they chose their professions - To service, protect and extend the animal-owner 'connection'. They even called to ask how his recovery/incisions were healing a few times after the fact.

Finally, when I got the bill I could not believe how reasonable it was for the custom services, time, and expertise they provided. One of the other facilities near Oaks PA (which had a lobby like a 5-star hotel) quoted me well above what CAH did and I am so glad I walked out when the Dr. I had never met( doing his ultrasound ) did not come out to the lobby and even speak to my concerns.

CAH offered customized, compassionate, common-sensed care that included the owner in the equation.

And If you have more than 1 pet, use the house-call service. Soooo much easier than taking each to the vet. And again, I thought house calls would be costly.
Another misconception, plus extra time and attention given.

AMP Nov. 2014

My experiences at Coventry Animal Hospital have always been WONDERFUL ! The receptionists have always been helpful when I call to make an appointment or ask a question. The entire staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, caring, and patient. I never feel rushed at my appointments, the doctor always takes the time to answer all my questions and makes sure that I understand any instructions I may need to follow. You can tell that they truly care about your pet. I would highly recommend using their services.


Excellent practice. All of the vets are extremely compassionate and take the time to get to know your family life and your pet in order to implement the most effective treatment plan for each condition. All options are always considered and everyone is part of the decision. They make every effort to see your pet in the event of an illness despite having a busy schedule. We can honestly say that every vet within the practice is equally as professional. We're always at ease with anyone that happens to be available. Top notch team.


I love the vets at Coventry animal hospital and the staff is friendly as well. Two years ago my German Shepard ate something she shouldn't have and when i took her to Coventry they found she had an intestinal blockage. Dr Gardner wasted no time and she drove Sheba to Ludwigs corner where she had the surgery and they took excellent care of her after the surgery. They definitely put the pets first. They didn't ask for the payment for her surgery or post op they were just focused on getting her better. When i picked her up at Ludwigs corner i was able to make payment arrangements. They've been my vets since i had my golden retriever Rockey who since has passed but, I trust them with my pets. Contrary to that I'd wouldnt' take my worst enemies dog to metropolitan hospital where your money is more important to them than your pets.


I give it 5 out of 5!


Best animal hospital ever!! The staff are competent, courteous, and professional. The vet techs have great bedside manner. Carlotta and Michelle were very sweet with my Connor when he came in with an ear ache. Dr. Jamie knows her patients and treats you like family


Your techs are the backbone of the practice.
I'll forget someone's name, but will just say that your technicians are who keep us coming back. Linda, Carol and the rest of the front desk do an amazing job of juggling lots of info. Drs. Marchetti and Harclerode score lots of points for their ability to listen and give a lot of good information.
One of the best features of living in North Coventry (with 4 cats, that is.)


Again, it was a home visit and the whole experience was excellent.


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